Resources & Services

Whether you are an investigator, trainee, student, or partner, NUCATS is here to connect you to a continuum of resources to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of your clinical and translational research.  We offer sustainable processes that identify, evaluate, facilitate and disseminate scientific breakthroughs.  Let NUCATS provide the necessary tools to make your next research project a success.

Finding Collaborators

NUCATS can connect you to collaboration resources and services to strengthen your research.

Drug, Device & Diagnostic Development

Want to commercialize your research?  NUCATS can link you to all the support you need to take your idea from benchside to bedside.

Research Study Support

From regulatory support to clinical research facilities, NUCATS offers a wide array of support for your next clinical study.

Community & Practice Engagement

Enhance your research by partnering with community and population health resources and services.

Data and Informatics Services

NUCATS provides informatic tools and analytic services to support your study's data needs.

Core Resources

Research core facilities provide the instrumentation, services and technical support you need for your next study.