NUCATS by the numbers

Global distribution of NUCATS Citations


Since 2008, NUCATS served over 3,000 investigators across our partners, directly supporting the publication and dissemination of 1,015 manuscripts in the scientific literature, including collaborations with each of the 62 CTSA institutions. These manuscripts have been cited 28,114 times by authors in 137 countries and in 26 different languages. NUCATS-assisted authors have collaborated on publications with peers from over 1,000 other institutions in the United States and 50 countries around the world.

During this time, we have catalyzed explosive growth in our capacity to enroll participants in clinical trials.

NUCATS Centers By the Numbers

Center for Translational Innovation (CTI)

In 2013, the CTI supported:

  • 110 biomedical inventions, representing more than 50% of all inventions at Northwestern Unversity

  • Executed 66 external agreements with external partners in public-private biomedical ventures

  • Filed 197 patent applications in biomedical discovery and launched 4 biomedical start-up companies

  • Supported 20 faculty members by Chicago Innovation Mentors (CIM) teams through NUCATS

Center for Clinical Research (CCR)

In the page five years, we have catalyzed explosive growth in our capacity to enroll participants in clinical trials

In the last two years, CCR has:

  • Served more than 200 investigators and provided support to over 370 studies at Northwestern University and its affiliate institutions
  • Decreased the time from industry contact to first patient / first visit from 8 months to 8 weeks in early clinical trial examples

Center for Community Health (CCH)

  • Provided consultation support to 334 university-based investigators from 2007-2015

  • Maintained relationships with over 228 community partners, and 50 practices that operate 80 clinical sites across the Chicagoland area

  • “High-users” of CCH services include 100 faculty members who from 2008 to 2015 submitted 955 research proposals for extramural funding, secured $136.4M in awards and authored 1813 publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • Recruited over 20,000 participants with support from our community partners

  • Hosted over 102 workshops on community engagement research methods since 2008

Center for Data Science and Informatics (CDSI)

Growth in NMEDW Usage
  • NMEDW has supported 858 research projects and more than 150,000 report executions -- a 258% increase since 2011

  • 70 packages, with 164 forks, on GitHub

  • Over 60,000 Bioconductor downloads in 2014

Center for Education and Career Development (CECD)

Number of CRCs who have completed CRC Basic Training
  • 17 KL2 graduates since 2008

  • 14 TL1 graduates since 2008

  • 150 Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) graduates since 1999

  • 400 faculty trained in the Mentor Development Program in 2014

  • 641 clinical research coordinators trained in CRC Basic Training since 2007