Center for Community Health (CCH)

The Center for Community Health (CCH) catalyzes and supports meaningful engagement of communities, patients, and stakeholders across the research spectrum. This work takes many forms but is steadily guided by the principles of collaboration, respect, equity, transparency, and impact. Relationships are the foundation for our work, resulting in the rich exchange of expertise spanning science, culture, neighborhoods, environment, practice, and policy. Research skills, pragmatic knowledge, and lived experience combine to inform culturally and community-centered solutions for addressing real-world health and healthcare challenges. 

CCH resources are administered largely by two strategic programs supported by the Center:

  • The Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC): supports the full spectrum of community-engaged research with a broad range of community- and faith-based organizations, public agencies, and patient advocacy groups. Embodying the principles of engaged governance, ARCC is directed by a 25-member community-academic Steering Committee representing diverse communities and Northwestern faculty.
  • The Practice-based Research Program (PBRP) focuses on community engaged research that addresses issues in the provision of health care in the community, involving practice-based research conducted with 2 practice networks: Research, Education and Academic Achievement (REACH) and the Pediatric Practice Research Group (PPRG).  It also collaborates with networks of Federally Qualified Health Centers, including AllianceChicago which serves as an innovation hub for over 30 health center networks operating over 200 practice sites in 14 states.

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Ron Ackerman, MD/MPH

"We offer a bold new vision for engaging communities and other stakeholders that will enable Feinberg to emerge rapidly as a national epicenter for research that improves the health and healthcare of Chicago and beyond."
Ron Ackermann, MD/MPH
Director, Center for Community Health


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