Center for Community Health (CCH)

The Center for Community Health (CCH) provides leadership and support for community and stakeholder engagement in research - connecting investigators with over 200 partners across the community, clinical, public health, and policy sectors. As a center with a presence in both the Institute for Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM) and NUCATS Institute, CCH provides community and stakeholder engagement infrastructure across the research spectrum. Developing these reciprocal relationships links the complementary perspectives, skills, and resources of a wide array of people and organizations to create and disseminate knowledge, accelerate science, and ultimately improve the health and healthcare of communities.

A key aspect of taking research from an academy setting into the community is connecting investigators with community-based experts who understand the health challenges and goals of the community. This can help the community become mobilized and engaged in the research resulting in more meaningful research outcomes.

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Ron Ackerman, MD/MPH

"We offer a bold new vision for engaging communities and other stakeholders that will enable Feinberg to emerge rapidly as a national epicenter for research that improves the health and healthcare of Chicago and beyond."
Ron Ackermann, MD/MPH
Director, Center for Community Health


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Our expert team is available to share the principles and approaches that build effective collaborations ensuring that their potential is reached - both in terms of academic and community impact.

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