Team Science Leadership and Governance

Bonnie Spring, PhD, professor of Preventive Medicine, director of the Center for Behavioral Health and director of NUCATS Team ScienceNUCATS’ efforts to catalyze biomedical research collaborations build upon our cross-cutting Team Science Program, led by Bonnie Spring, PhD, professor of Preventive Medicine and director of the Center for Behavior and Health in the Institute of Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM) and a clinical health psychologist. Dr. Spring’s research integrates interdisciplinary teams to develop and test interventions that promote healthy behavior change. She chairs the National Institute of Health (NIH)-sponsored Council on Team Science and on Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice. She is the founding editor and editor-in-chief of Translational Behavioral Medicine, and is a past president of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. Dr. Spring’s work focuses technology-supported interventions to treat obesity, poor quality diet, physical inactivity, and smoking. She has been a PI or Co-PI on 11 R01 grants, 6 VA Merit Review grants, 9 other NIH grants, and 5 foundation grants. Dr. Spring also has extensive experience as a mentor, having served as primary mentor for 43 predoctoral students, 24 postdoctoral fellows, and 6 junior faculty.

Meet the members of the Team Science Program:

Katya Klyachko, PhD, Program Administrator for Team Science
Katya provides coordination and support to Team Science Program's focused on building multidisciplinary research teams. Katya is available to assist faculty members assemble and launch teams by helping to identify possible collaborators and funding opportunities, facilitate team assembly, and provide training to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.
Katya holds a PhD in Microbiology from University of Illinois and a Master’s in Clinical Research and Regulatory Administration from Northwestern University. Prior to joining the Team Science program, she organized and managed multidisciplinary research programs and grant applications at Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute.

Phillip Rak, Team Science Project Manager
Phil holds an MBA in IT Management from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and has spent many years in a blended role as a web developer and project manager. He will be applying his passion for analyzing legacy applications and bringing them into the 21st century as he guides technology initiatives for updating and developing new modules on the platform.

Howard Allen, PhD, Program Manager for the Spring Lab in the Department of Preventive Medicine
Howard Allen, PhD, provides project assistance for all Team Science initiatives, provides human resources support for the Team Science program and serves as the liaison to NUCATS.
Howard earned his PhD in Sociology at University of California, Berkeley. Previously he taught courses in sociology at Columbia College Chicago.