Collaboration and Team Science Program (TS)

NUCATS has had a transformative impact in the creation of an integrated, shared environment for team science across Northwestern's two campuses, our three clinical partners, our community and industry partners and stakeholders, and regional and national consortia of Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA). As a result of these efforts, Northwestern is acknowledged as an international leader in team science and now leads CTSA-wide initiatives to train multidisciplinary teams.

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Bonnie Spring, PhD, professor in Preventive Medicine, director of the Center for Behavioral Health and director of NUCATS Team Science

"It’s very hard to be a Renaissance person in the 21st century. The depth of knowledge in one field is so great that it’s rare to find people who are true experts in many areas. To reach beyond their own knowledge base and solve problems at the cutting edge of science, researchers can benefit from finding new collaborators, including those in other disciplines. Doing so often increases the impact factor of their work."

Bonnie Spring, PhD
Professor in Preventive Medicine
Director of the Center for Behavioral Health
Director of NUCATS Team Science


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