About the Collaboration and Team Science Program

Northwestern is acknowledged as an international leader in Team Science and now leads Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA)-wide initiatives to train multidisciplinary teams. A few examples of NUCATS’ leadership in this area are shown below. NUCATS also supports innovative team-based research through a variety of pilot and seed funding mechanisms, using money derived from the CTSA award, institutional commitments, and philanthropy.

  • “Science of Team Science”
    Northwestern researchers Drs. Brian Uzzi, Noshir Contractor, and Bonnie Spring are internationally-recognized leaders in the study of scientific teams and networks and the features that characterize successful collaborations.

  • Teamscience.net
    Using a supplemental award to NUCATS funding, Dr. Spring developed the “teamscience.net” online training course, which provides five interactive online modules.

  • SciTS Conference
    In 2010, NUCATS founded, hosted, and continues to support the annual Science of Team Science Conference. This is the premier international conference in this area and attendance increases each year.

  • Team Science Course in MSCI
    Since winter 2013-14, NUCATS has offered a didactic course in Team Science in our MSCI curriculum, Directed by Dr. Spring and Dr. Fruma Yehiely, the course earns high evaluation marks.

  • NUCATS Studios
    In 2014, we began offering NUCATS Studios for investigative teams to present developing collaboration ideas to the NUCATS leadership in order to help them maximize their chances for success and leverage existing infrastructure in NUCATS and across our clinical partners.