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Multi-Site CTSA Study Implements NUCATS Team Science Education Strategies for Team Enhancement

NUCATS is one seven Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) institutions participating in a novel proof-of-concept study of Team Science research training. The study examines the feasibility of implementing a training program across different universities to enhance team success.

Each CTSA institution will identify a newly funded, ready to launch, interdisciplinary research team to participate in training over 10-12 weeks. During training, the researchers will complete online learning modules in the NUCATS teamscience.net series and participate in two in-person assessments, both alone and as a group. Teamscience.net was developed with supplementary funding awarded to the NUCATS CTSA. The team science assessment activities to be applied in the study are modeled after those used in the Institute's Master of Science in Clinical Investigation’s Team Science course. Read more>