Resources for Current TL1 Trainees

The following websites and programs share information for TL1 trainees as they navigate the research enterprise including where to find information, how to access resources and what courses to attend.

Important websites


  • Foundational Elements of Pediatric Translational Research is required for all TL1 trainees
  • Collaborative Approaches in Child and Adolescent Health is required for all TL1 trainees
  • Taking Responsibility for the Resposible Conduct of Research is required for all TL1 trainees if they have not completed during their postdoctoral training period
  • ACTS Conference attendance is required once during a trainee's TL1 appointment
  • Team Science programming is offered in a variety of formats for TL1 trainees

Scholarly Impact

  • All scholars must cite the TL1 on any publications that result from research done while on the grant
  • Link your publication to the TL1 award in PubMed
  • Complete and update MyNCBI