Science Immersion Program

The Science Immersion Program (SIP) offers hands-on laboratory experience to Master's level students at Chicago State University (CSU) for 10 weeks during the summer. 

Six CSU students from the university's Public Health or Pharmacy MS programs are selected by CSU faculty. The 10 week program begins with students completing an orientation session at Northwestern's Chicago campus. Over the course of the program, students complete research projects with their advisors, meet weekly with program directors William Schnaper, MD; Michael Fleming, MD/MPH; and Ginne Meyers for professional development workshops, and attend the TL1 Foundational Elements of Pediatric Translational Research along with NU funded postdoctoral fellows. At the end of the program, students will give a presentation on their research to CSU students and faculty. 

The Science Immersion Program is funded in part by the NUCATS TL1 grantLurie Children's Hospital, and the NU Office of the Provost.