TL1 Proposal Directions

This proposal will use the NITRO Competitions system for applications and review. 

Feinberg School of Medicine and other Northwestern University fellows should work with their department or division research administrator to submit this internal award. This submission does not need to go through the NU's Office of Sponsored Research. 

Lurie Children's fellows should work with the Office of Sponsored Programs to submit their application. Investigators must complete internal routing and address budget questions to the LCH Office of Sponsored Programs.

Application Timeline

March 17, 2017 Letter of Intent Due
April 14, 2017 Full Applications Due
May 5, 2017* Notice of Award
July 1, 2017* Funding Start Date

 *subject to change depending on availability

March 17, 2017 - Letter of Intent Due

  • Letter of intent to apply due from potential trainees. Send letters to The letter should include:
    • Project Title
    • Name of Institution
    • Department
    • Chair Name
    • Primary Mentor Name
    • Co-Mentor Name (from a different discipline or department)
    • 30 line project abstract
  • Non-NU or LCH applicants seeking advice on identifying a potential mentor should reach out to Dr. William Schnaper or Dr. William Miller (PIs of the training grant).

April 14, 2017 - Full Applications Due

Applications will be uploaded to NU's NITRO Competitions

A user guide for NITRO can be found here

Applications will be uploaded in 2 parts:

1) Application Document, submitted through NITRO, consists of:

  • First Page of PHS 398
  • Proposal (limit 4 pages)
    • Candidate's background (limit 1 page)
    • Career goals and objectives (limit 1 page)
    • Research project with a focus on child and adolescent health (limit 2 page)
  • NIH Biosketches
  • Letters of Support
    • Required Letters: Department Chair, Primary Mentor, Co-Mentor (from a different discipline or department; see below)
    • Trainees are expected to work as part of multidisciplinary teams and support from a secondary mentor (from a different discipline or department) is required. Applicants who would like additional ideas on catalyzing collaboration with a mentor in another area of research are invited to reach out to Dr. Schnaper or Dr. Miller during the application process to discuss potential options. 
    • Additional letters as appropriate from co-mentors or consultants.
    • Applicants from other institutions who have recently arrived (or be will arriving) at Northwestern are also encouraged to provide one or two letters of support from their current/prior institution.
    • Letters should document the role of the primary and co-mentor in the career development of the trainee and how the work proposed fits into the overall program funded by the mentor. 
  • Candidate Curriculum Vitae

2) Applicant Data Form, submitted through REDCap: