Winter Registration

Newly admitted students can begin registering on Monday, November 14th.
Continuing students can begin registering on Monday, January 3rd, 2017. 
Please review the NU Academic Calendar for additional dates and deadlines:


Registering in CAESAR

In order to register in CAESAR, please refer to the CAESAR Registration Tip Sheet.

  • Having difficulty registering? 
    • You may have a hold on your account. Please click here to review our holds page for details.
  • Missed the registration deadline or need registration assistance?
    • Contact your student services assistant at TGS by emailing
      • Last name A - F: Antoaneta Condurat
      • Last name G - U: Bianca West
      • Last name V - Z: Kate Veraldi
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Permission Numbers

Permission numbers needed for MSCI & MPH courses can be obtained by contacting the Program Administrator at Please note that MPH permission numbers are not gauranteed and will only be granted in the case that seating is available.
Permission for your final Research Project will be granted by the Program Administrator following a preliminary advising session with Dr. Matthew Smith. For more information on the final Research Project, please click here.
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Independent Study

The independent study course is a great way to move a smaller, more compact research project that is distinct from your main body of work, forward. All independent studies must be of quantitative and/or scientific merit with predefined hypotheses and measures. Suitable independent study items include literature reviews or papers of a data-driven nature. Clinical case studies or IRB submissions are not acceptable.

Your independent study proposal must be of publishable quality.

  • Sample half-credit project: Literature review (2,000 words).
  • Sample one-credit project: Systematic Literature review that is 3000+ words, first-authored manuscript.

To apply you must:

  1. Identify the project.
  2. Make sure the scope is reasonable for a quarter of work.
  3. Select goals and outcome measures (3 or so) Scientific objectives must be observable and quantifiable. Stating that one wishes to "lean about" a specific item will not meet enrollment qualifications.
  4. Complete a one-page research proposal. Please include a couple of paragraphs that provide background & significance followed by what the aims of your independent study will be.
  5. Identify a mentor.

Once the above criteria has been met, send the MSCI Program Administrator your proposal. He will then arrange a time for you to meet with the MSCI Student Advisor, Dr. Matthew Smith, to discuss your project in greater detail. Click here to see a One-credit Independent Study Proposal.

Upon approval, you will need to request a permission number from the MSCI Program Administrator for registration purposes.

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Leave of Absence (Continuous Registration Requirements)

All students must maintain continuous registration per TGS's registration policies outlined here. If you need to take time off, it will be necessary to maintain that registration following the policy below that applies to you.

One Term Off

Degree Seeking Students:
If you need to take a term off, you will need to send a request to your TGS student services assistant, below, by emailing Upon approval, you will be enrolled in TGS 514 at no cost.
If you are not approved, you will need to enroll in TGS 512 for $100. Students are responsible the fee associated with this course. Enrolling will allow you to maintain active status and prevent you from applying for reinstatement to your program.
Non-degree or Certificate Students:
No request is necessary to take time off. However, you will need to contact your TGS student services assistant, below, by emailing, to be reactivated for the subsequent quarter.
  • Last name A - F: Antoaneta Condurat
  • Last name G - U: Bianca West
  • Last name V - Z: Kate Veraldi

Extended Time Off

If you need to take a leave of absence for medical, personal or other reasons, it is critical that you review the policies and processes on the TGS website: As it outlines, you will need to fill out the Petition for Absence form via TGS forms in CAESAR. TGS will review the request and provide you with notification of their decision.
If your Petition for Absence is approved, you will need submit a request to your student services assistant, below, by emailing, to enroll in TGS 514.
  • Last name A - J: Antoaneta Condurat
  • Last name K - U: Bianca West
  • Last name V - Z: Kate Veraldi

Exceeding the Degree Time Limitation

Students must complete all the requirements for the master's degree within five years of their initial registration in The Graduate School. Any student beyond his/her degree deadline must register for TGS 513 each quarter in order to maintain active status and enroll in courses. There is a $1,000 fee associated with TGS 513 registration each quarter. Students are responsible the fee associated with this course.
Please note that Graduate students who are beyond their degree deadline are subject to academic probation.
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Non-TGS Courses

No credit. Only courses listed in CAESAR with a career of “The Graduate School” are authorized for graduate credit. In order for TGS to award the MS degree TGS students must complete the equivalent of three quarters of full-time registration in courses authorized by the Graduate Faculty for graduate credit; that is, at least 9 TGS units.

This means that courses in other schools (e.g. Kellogg) would not count towards your TGS degree.
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Course auditors are not given formal recognition by either TGS or the Registrar. The auditing of any graduate course without formal registration by full-time graduate students in good standing is permitted depending on the limitations of space and facilities, and permission of the instructor.

MSCI students are part-time and unable to audit TGS courses. For more information, please see the Graduate School’s website here.

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Need more information? Contact our MSCI Program Administrator.