Mentoring Services

The Mentoring Services offered through the Center for Education and Career Development engage new and seasoned faculty-mentors at the Feinberg School of Medicine. A strong mentoring culture across departments for both junior and senior faculty can lead to a richer research environment through heightened communication skills, career planning and collaborative science.  

There are two main facets to CECD's mentoring program: 

  • Mentor Development Workshops: These workshops provides resources to enhance mentoring skills. They are offered for the entire medical school or for specific departments at the request of departmental leadership.
  • The Mentoring Consultation Service: This service is offered at the request of departmental leadership. Through a series of interviews and focus groups, our staff will make assessments about departmental mentoring culture and suggest interventions as necessary. 

The CECD Mentoring Toolbox contains valuable tools for defining the mentoring relationship, goals, and career progression. 

Institutional Mentoring Resources