Additional Training Opportunities

Galter Health Sciences Library: Galter offers an array of educational and training resources for investigators at all career levels. 

Team Science: The Team Science group at NUCATS provides online educational materials to bolster research team functioning. The material applies to investigators, research staff, and collaborators. 

Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD): This resource provides biostatistical, epidemiological, programming, and data management support needs to investigators. 

Women's Health Research Institute (WHRI): This institute provides training and resources for the inclusion of women in clinical trials, and for including sex as a biological factor in all cell, tissue, animal and human research. 

Center for Community Health (CCH): CCH provides training to investigators to catalyze and support meaningful community and academic engagement across the research spectrum. 

Center for Data Science and Informatics (CDSI): CDSI provides training through a variety of forums in bioinformatics, data science, biostatistics and software training.