Pilot Funding

The Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program (PTC) coordinates and offers several sources of pilot funding.

Biomedical Data Driven Discovery (BD3) Training Program

The aim of BD3 is to train future scientists for both academia and industry who will develop novel Big Data methods to advance science and improve health.

Center for Community Health (CCH) Seed Grants

With the CCH and its two programs: the Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC) and the Practice-Based Research Program (PBR-P), seed grants are offered for investigators and community-based collaborators to develop research partnerships and projects.

Dixon Translational Research Grants

These grants seek proposals for highly innovative, multi-disciplinary clinical and translational research collaborations to accelerate the identification and implementation of new treatments to improve human health.

Northwestern Medicine® Enterprise Data Warehouse (NMEDW) Pilot Data Program

Formerly called the EDW Young Investigator Seed Grant Program.  This program provides EDW Analyst assistance to support proposal development.

NUCATS Voucher and Pilot Programs

The NUCATS Voucher and Pilot Programs are a funding mechanism designed to accelerate research by providing rapid, targeted funding to address small, but critical gaps in clinical and translational research work that is otherwise at present not funded by other sources.

NU-Interdisciplinary Program 1-2-3

The Office for Research and the Deans are pleased to announce a new seed-funding platform to cultivate investigator-initiated visionary "Big Ideas".  The NU-Interdisciplinary Program 1-2-3 was developed in response to gaps and needs that were identified as possibly hindering the pursuit of bold research at Northwestern University.  Such barriers include: need for proactive planning for growth, lack of seed funding to "nucleate" new groups, need for fast-track approvals for resources, and need for supporting team-based research.  The program is designed to enable faculty to "jump start" bold, innovative science in a risk-tolerant environment.

Other Pilot Funding Opportunities at Northwestern