Data Science and Informatics Services

The Center for Data Science and Informatics (CDSI) offers a wide range of resources and services. To understand and introduce how these resources and services support our mission, they have been broken down along several axes of data science: Data Access, Analytic Services, Computation and Storage, Software Tools and Development Resources, Security and Governance, Education and Training, and Support and Consultation.

Data Access

Key to the ability to use big data is the ability to access data. CDSI provides more than one way to access clinical data, both to assess the feasibility of your research and to conduct research directly.

Analytics Services

CDSI provides various full service analytics services to support complex, ongoing research. These include the Northwestern Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse (NMEDW), and the Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD).

Computation and Storage

Computation and storage resources are the bones of Big Data Science and Informatics. We provide administration and expertise on a local CentOS cluster, and consultation for moving work to larger, shared resources like the Quest High Performance Computing Cluster.

Software Tools and Development

CDSI develops and supports more than 20 software tools to augment and accelerate the translational research. In addition, we host industry standard tools and can provide resources for custom development and application hosting.

Security and Privacy

Read more about the institutional policies which govern CDSI.

Education and Training

CDSI offers a variety of formal and informal educational opportunities.