Computation and Storage

Feinberg School of Medicine Information Technologies (Feinberg IT)

The System Administration team from CDSI has become part of Feinberg IT, taking over responsibility Feinberg-wide for computation infrastructure. It has also been enlarged and now has institution-wide responsibility. The CDSI Data Center is located behind the enterprise firewalls with the production server farm located physically in the Northwestern IT data center. The infrastructure team also maintains a CentOS compute cluster with 200 nodes, and has experience using numerous schedulers and deployment mechanisms including EC2 and moving jobs between the CDSI cluster and the Northwestern campus-wide QUEST cluster. In collaboration with CDSI members, these clusters have been used by researchers for cluster analysis, pathway analysis, next generation sequencing, energy-minimization problems and other computationally intensive analytic methods. CDSI also provides data and file services to other University cores including the Genomics Core, Cell Imaging and the Pathology Core.

Quest High Performance Computing Cluster

The University's high performance computing (HPC) system is referred to as Quest. Housed at one of the University's secure Data Center facilities, it offers a large shared computational facility. Designed as a general use cluster, Quest supports the majority of HPC applications at Northwestern and is built to accommodate a wide variety of codes with great economy.  Quest is used for projects that require high-performance capability due to computationally intensive tasks, such as intense numerical calculations or dealing with extremely large datasets. University researchers and educators, including postdoctoral researchers are eligible to request access to Quest as computational investigators (CIs) for the purpose of research or education.

Research Computing Consultation Services

Northwestern University Information Technology provides expert assistance for users of advanced computing, visualization, storage, network, and grid resources. One-on-one consultation for defining requirements for research computing, authoring of proposals for technical specifications for research grants, and system design and implementation, as necessary, all in support University research initiatives. Drop-in hours for preject-specific questions are 10am - Noon on Thursdays in the Rubloff Building, 11th floor, Room 11-126, or request a consultation for more complex questions.

Research Computing "Cluster"

Galter Library's Learning Resources Center (LRC) has a group of 6 computers (4 Windows PCs and 2 Macs) equipped with software packages dedicated to handling statistical and bioinformatics workflows. Learn more