Data Access

Key to the ability to use big data is the ability to access data. CDSI provides more than one way to access clinical data, both to assess the feasibility of your research and to conduct research directly.

Feasibility Assessment

CDSI offers two paths to assess the feasibility of your research. I2B2 is a web-based tool which allows researchers to run simple queries against a subset of the clinical database to estimate the number of patients who might qualify for a clinical trial. For more detailed exploration of the data, the Pilot Data Program provides 8-12 hours of analyst time to directly identify the availability of more complex data.

NMEDW Poweruser

Individuals who have skills using advanced database languages can apply to become a Poweruser. Powerusers are granted direct access to the NMEDW to do their work. They must be named on a valid IRB protocol, pass a skills assessment, and take a training course. They are also obligated to comply with all NMEDW policies and procedures.