Feasibility Query Tool (i2b2)

i2b2 (Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside) is a web-based tool that allows researchers, students and staff to develop and run simple queries against a subset of data in the Northwestern Medicine® Enterprise Data Warehouse. This gives users the ability to quickly determine the feasibility of conducting a study.

i2b2 lets you look for the number of patients that have been diagnosed with a disease, had a procedure, meet certain demographic criteria, had a laboratory result and were prescribed to a medication. Currently, only these variables are available to be searched.

How can i2b2 help me?

  • Quickly determine the feasibility of conducting a research study or clinical trial
  • Iteratively work through hypothesis generation by modifying your own searches

The i2b2 system is already available to all Northwestern University researchers and affiliates. You can access i2b2 here from the NU Network or VPN:  https://edwapps.nmff.org/nmedwi2b2

If you need help using i2b2, or have questions about your results, you can contact nmedw@northwestern.edu

If you are interested in learning more about the i2b2 system, developed by Partners Healthcare, please visit https://www.i2b2.org/