REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online data capture for research studies. Northwestern University is a member of the REDCap consortium.

Our support model empowers project owners to design and manage their own data collection forms with minimal support from REDCap administrators.

How does REDCap help me?

  • Make managing your data easier by providing a single location for collection and storage
  • Empowers researchers to design and manage forms for data collection
  • Requires minimal programmer and IT involvement

REDCap projects are managed by our community of project owners. Project owners maintain full control over project set up and support of their users.

You must complete REDCap new project owner training prior to requesting your first REDCAP project. If you have not received training, please contact REDCap support.

If you are already a project owner and would like a new project, you can log into this site at the top right corner of the screen then fill out the REDCap project request form.

Send us an email if you have any questions :

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Meet Leticia Vega, REDCap Contact

If you're looking to transfer your exisiting data capture results into an electronic format or start collecting data in an electronic format, Leticia is your contact.