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Northwestern Scholars

A searchable database of expertise across all disciplines at Northwestern University, allowing you to explore the profiles, publications, and grant data of thousands of scholars within Northwestern.

Feinberg School of Medicine Faculty Profiles 

Using faculty profiles, you can search for an expert, locate scientific collaborators, or identify a mentor for your training experience.

Other Institutions 


An ontology driven applications for representing scholarship that allows individuals to record, edit, search and visualize their scholarly activity all in one place. 


To find a research collaborator outside of the Northwestern University, you can use Direct2Experts, which searches across more than 70 institutions.


CTSAsearch is a federated search engine using Linked Open Data published by members of the CTSA Consortium and other interested parties.



Team Science Online Learning Modules

This interactive tool is an open suite of e-learning resources designed to foster learning and skill development in Team Science. addresses a broad audience of researchers at multiple career stages, research development officers and administrators, and students and educators interested in conducting and/or facilitating team science in biomedical, clinical, and community contexts.  The system provides  learners with an opportunity to experiment in a safe, controlled environment with  forming, leading, and evaluating teams.  

Team Science Training Workshops

This series of workshops provides hands-on training in strategic team mapping, role responsibilities and accountability, meeting management, team dynamics and conflict resolution, and collaboration tools. Modules can be provided as a single workshop or a series. The goal of these interactive and experiential workshops is to teach participants competencies necessary for effective performance as a team.  If your team is interested in participating in a workshop, or would like to receive more information, please fill out this service request form.

Team Science Graduate Course 

0.5 credit course exposes students to the principles of team dynamics, organization, and leadership, specifically in the context of working in the translational transdisciplinary teams. The course is offered in Spring Quarter via the MPH program and is open for anyone interested in Team Science.




Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide  Convergence: Facilitating Transdisciplinary Integration of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Beyond  Thriving in an Era of Team Science  Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team



Delivered June 22, 2017 at the University of Memphis, Dr. Spring provides an overview of Team Science, explaining why it is important, the science behind it and its applications.  Dr. Stephen Fiore, Director of Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, University of Central Florida  Dr. Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Vice President, Elsevier    Dr. Anthony Hood, Management Professor, University Of Alabama


NU Collaboration Tools


  • Blue Jeans is cloud-based audio/video/content sharing conferencing service available to anyone with a valid Northwestern Net ID 
  • WebEx is a cloud-based meeting tool for hosting and attending online meetings. Allows users to share specific documents, individual apps, or desktop with everyone in the meeting. It is available to Northwestern students, faculty, and staff for instruction and collaboration.
  • Skype for Business/Lync offers a host of features to make it easy to communicate and collaborate from anywhere across the University. 
  • Spark is a team meeting, messaging, and videoconferencing platform available for Northwestern students, faculty, and staff which offers an easy way to post messages, share content, and meet virtually with one or more meeting participants and from any device.
  • Yammer is an internal social networking tool for NU faculty, staff, and students which offers a host of social networking features to make it easy to communicate and collaborate from anywhere with just about anyone at the University. 



  • Trello is a free web-based project management tool which provides an easy way for teams to plan, manage, and keep a high level overview of the project development.

Information Repositories

  • Northwestern Box provides individual, flexible online space for unlimited file storing or sharing at no additional cost to schools, departments, or individuals. All Box content can be accessed online from computers or mobile devices.
  • SharePoint is an online content and document management tool used to create web sites, manage file libraries, and more. NU schools and departments may then use their site collection to create SharePoint sites where faculty, staff, and students may collaborate online. 
  • REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online data capture for research studies. 
  • DigitalHub is developed by Galter Health Sciences Library for Northwestern Medicine as a place to deposit, preserve, and disseminate a wide range of scholarly outputs

To learn more about Team Science:

Join the Team Science Community

The Science of Team Science Listserv provides an open forum for all subscribers to share information relevant to the practice and study of team science. 

The Integration and Implementation Insights blog (also known as I2Insights) is a community weblog for researchers who are interested in Team Science and its use to facilitate understanding and acting on complex real-world problems. The blog is run by the Integration and Implementation Sciences team at The Australian National University. 

Intereach (Interdisciplinary Integration Research Careers Hub) community brings together practitioners and researchers of interdisciplinary integration - people who connect across teams, disciplines, and sectors to solve problems requiring diverse expertise. Great space to share best practices, success metrics, and ideas for establishing intereach career paths. 

NIH Biomedical Citizen Science Hub (CitSciBio) is a virtual collaboration space designed to help anyone interested in biomedical citizen science and crowdsourcing discover and contribute resources, form collaborative groups, and share expertise. 

Read about the Science of Team Science

The Science of Team Science [SciTS] Mendeley group features a large library of literature on transdisciplinary research, as well as cross-disciplinary and inter-professional exchange of information and resources. Members can search resources in the database, create subgroups, and add resources and comments.

The Team Science Toolkit is a user-generated repository of information and other resources that supports the practice and study of team science. It contains over 1000 resources, including practical tools to support successful team-based research, measures and metrics to evaluate or study team science processes and outcomes, and bibliographic entries.

Attend Team Science Conferences