Team Science

NUCATS Collaboration and Team Science Program (TS) offers collaboration enhancement for team-based, cross-disciplinary translational biomedical research. Focusing on the praxis of Team Science (the practical aspects of science performed in teams) and the science of Team Science (empirical research on scientific teams), Team Science serves as a conduit to help translate empirical research findings about Team Science into evidence-based effective practices for scientific teams and funders of Team Science.7

Team Science Workshop

Interdisciplinary teams are invited to participate in a team science training workshop developed by Maritza Salazar, PhD and Theresa Lant, PhD on May 18-19.

Team Science Online Learning Modules
Solutions to complex problems in the sciences require teams of specialists from diverse backgrounds working across the boundaries of disciplinary silos. These online learning modules are grounded in empirical research and theory about the Science of Team Science (SciTS), and the experts interviewed are well-published in that domain. The four modules are intended to help researchers acquire and apply a basic knowledge of Team Science.

Team Science Graduate Course

NUCATS' Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) program requires all students to complete the graduate course, Team Science. The course offers practical guidance about how best to engage in Team Science to: pursue complex science questions, work effectively with team members, and produce high impact research outcomes that help meet society’s needs. Learn more>

NU-Interdisciplinary Program 1-2-3

The NU-Interdisciplinary Program 1-2-3 was developed by the Office for Research and the Deans in response to gaps and needs that were identified as possibly hindering the pursuit of bold research at Northwestern University. The program consists of 3-tiers of non-sequential, seed funds awarded to Northwestern investigators for collaborations within the University.

  • Ideas (I1)
  • Innovative Initiatives (I2)
  • Innovative Initiatives Incubator (I3)

Each tier will provide funding and guidance to bring together new Northwestern teams and shepherd "Big Science" from the inception of an idea to securing external funding and possible maturation into a University Research Center. In addition to funds, the program will provide project management, assistance in identifying funding opportunities, proposal development and Team Science guidance. Learn more>

NIH SciTS Conference

This conference brings together thought leaders in the SciTS field, researchers engaged in team-based science, and institutional leaders, policy makers, and federal agency representatives who support collaborative research. Central themes include effective practices and policies for enhancing team science as well as hot topics and emerging trends such as team diversity, big data, citizen science, open data, and research networking. Visit the SciTS website>